I came back??

    Hi there. It was a long time since my last blog post. But you know what? Breaks are so important in our lives. And I realised that I really miss this little corner. I’m not going to make a schedule or put any pression on me. I’m going to make a blog post whenever I feel I need to. I want to share with you some really nice photos but also feelings, thoughts, memories, life improvements, and whatsoever.
I feel inspired and excited to come back (I really hope you feel too hehe). I don’t know, maybe was the Christmas spirit and you know how much I love this time of the year! Expect a blog post very very soon with a recap of 2016, I have lots of stuff to share with you. So tell me, are you doing well? Any exciting news? I really miss your comments ❤

An apology

  Hi there! I don’t know how to start … well, It’s been a while since my last blog post. I keep disapproving myself mentally every day for having abandoned my little corner without saying anything. You guys didn’t deserved that, you were fantastic throughout these months, always with friendly words.

   Okay, this seems soooo dramatic. But here is the reason. I was keep thinking that my blog was not taking the right direction. Lately i was not liking the content, and the time also began to be scarce, and within two months I will have even less time to devote myself to this blog. And  when I have something, I want to take time and dedication to make it the best possible and I feel that lately it was not happening, I was only publishing to not miss another day. But I didn’t liked, at all. I felt that I was cheating on you guys and also myself.

    I will not delete this corner, I would be incapable. I made a lot of great friends, is a fantastic community! For now it’s on ‘stand by’, I do not know what might happen from now on.

   You can always contact me through my Instagram (you can click to go to my profile) my username is @katipereira16. It’s my favorite social network, by the way, I still share some photographs there, follow me and I will follow back.

   Thanks for everything, once again, for your affection and understanding. Love you all ♥♥♥